Information Technology Services (ITS)

Information Technology Services provides front line technical support to all students and staff of Lucia Mar Unified School District.  We work with staff to evaluate, plan, and implement technology-rich projects designed to help students master 21st century skills.

Summer Break 2013: Please review our summary of changes.

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Welcome to Information Technology Services

Site Technician Schedule 

If your request is urgent contact Helpdesk at x1000.
For less urgent request submit a work order.

 To better respond to your on-site technical issue in a timely matter:

  • Submit an ITS work order(s) prior to the arrival of your site's technician. 
    This will prepare the technician if special equipment/tools are required and allows us to keep track of open issues.
  • Work-orders are addressed in priority order based on a mix of number of affected stuff/students, age of work-order and availability of parts. Sites may choose to indicate that a particular work-order is a site priority work order.

Access for LMUSD Staff and Parents when not accessible.



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