Sunday, April 20, 2014
Arroyo Grande High School   
Student Support Center/Healthy Start Program
(805) 474-3200 ext. 2187  Fax (805) 473-4269

"Our goal is to ensure student success by providing a safe and caring environment where students can receive support services and stay connected to school."

The student support center is a collaboration of school staff, publice and private agencies, and community resources.  We are located on the school site to provide services to AGHS students and their families. Our program provides a link to available resources within the community, as well as provides referral services. 

On Site Services:
Counseling (Individual, group, family, and biligual)
Crisis Intervention
Academic Support
Health and Basic Need Referrals

Referral Sources:
Student Study Teams
Guidance Teams
Teachers and Staff
Community and County Agencies

Service Providers:
Department of Mental Health
Department of Social Services
Department of Public Health
Department of Probation
Economic Opportunity Commission (EOC)
Lucia Mar Unified School District
Women's Shelter
Sojourn, Inc.
MediCal Elligibility